eosfinex Launches Affiliate Program

18 December 2019

The eosfinex Affiliate Program

We are very happy to announce the launch of the eosfinex Affiliate Program, a community-focused revenue share scheme that promotes important EOS initiatives, projects and communities by giving them an additional method to generate profit and fund their efforts.

Earn with eosfinex - How it works

The eosfinex Affiliate Program’s commission structure allows participants to earn 26% of trading fees up to three degrees within their referral networks. Referrals (or Members) are those who are invited to join eosfinex through referral codes.

Commissions earned through the eosfinex Affiliate Program are paid out in real-time and give EOS projects and community members a transparent and reliable way to earn from their efforts. 

Build a network and earn commissions up to three degrees

For example, Mary joins through Joe’s code, which means Mary is Joe’s referral.

Chris joins through Mary’s code, so he is Mary’s referral. Steve then clicks on Chris’ code and signs up, so he is Chris’ referral.

So, Mary, Chris and Steve are all in Joe’s referral network. Assuming they’re all actively trading, at the start, Joe will get 18% of Mary’s trading fees, 6% of Chris’ and 2% of Steve’s. Similarly, the scheme applies to anyone in the network.

Additionally, all accounts which are created using a referral code get a 6% rebate on their trading fees, meaning affiliates have a clear way to incentivise sign ups through their marketing efforts or social network!

Become an Affiliate and start earning

Joining the eosfinex Affiliate Program is easy. Simply connect to your eosfinex account and activate your Affiliate Dashboard. If you’re not already an eosfinex user, it only takes a few minutes to join.

eosfinex Affiliate Program Dashboard

On the Affiliate Dashboard, start by creating your first referral code. You can assign a label to the code you created if you wish to segment referrals and track performance of multiple campaigns. When you’ve created your referral code share it in your marketing campaign links or through your social network.

eosfinex Affiliate Program

The Affiliate Dashboard comes with powerful tools for tracking earnings, performance of individual referral codes, and generally how your network is growing.

Upcoming Developments

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for further developments as we continue to expand the capabilities of the affiliate program, introducing new ways to promote and multipliers which will further increase revenue shared with affiliates! 

Join the eosfinex Affiliate Program now and start earning.

For further information, visit the eosfinex Affiliate Program homepage.

You can also visit our FAQ to find the answers to any questions that you might have about the eosfinex Affiliate Program.

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