eosfinex Launches Beta Version on EOS Mainnet

8 October 2020

We’re pleased to announce that eosfinex has officially launched in beta on the EOS mainnet, bringing Bitfinex liquidity to the EOS community.

eosfinex is a high performance, non-custodial digital asset exchange and portfolio management solution built on EOSIO technology. Post launch, eosfinex will roll out listings for Equilibrium Framework (EOSDT & NUT), LiquidApps (DAPP), Everipedia (IQ), EOS, USDt and pTokens’ pBTC, pETH and pLTC in addition to other popular cryptocurrencies.

The eosfinex mainnet launch will help the EOS community overcome the issue of illiquidity in token trading, a major obstacle to the growth of the EOS ecosystem. Furthermore, eosfinex’s updated architecture and access to Bitfinex liquidity will make it the fastest, most reliable and most liquid non-custodial way to trade on EOS, representing a key milestone on the way to solving the issue of illiquidity in non-custodial cross-chain digital asset trading.*

At launch, eosfinex will enable off-chain order matching while custody and settlement will remain on-chain, allowing for a dramatic increase in performance, as trade speeds will not be limited by block times. It will stake on behalf of users to ensure a smooth trading experience, covering the costs of network resources for traders globally. Additionally,  fee-free trading will be supported with maker fees of 0%, while taker fees will be 0.2%. 

eosfinex will retain the security and control of EOSIO’s non-custodial features, enhancing the integrity and stability of trades with all transactions being completed atomically on-chain. With off-chain order matching there will be support for limit orders, which are not typically possible on standard DEXs, other advanced order types, and filling multiple orders simultaneously.

The launch of eosfinex on the EOS mainnet will provide an opportunity for the EOS community to garner support for EOS projects. For the latest eosfinex updates, please visit: https://www.eosfinex.com/blog

*The statement that eosfinex is the most liquid non-custodial way to trade is based upon data from CoinGecko at the time of publication and The Block Research as of April 2020. Custodial exchanges should be removed from the ranking as well as non-custodial exchanges not on the EOS chain: 

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