eosfinex Launches New USDt Rebate

15 October 2019

As a part of our commitment to bring liquidity and value to the EOS community, we’re continuing to give back to the traders who are helping make this a success.

For a limited time, we’re offering a 50% reduction on taker fees for anyone selling EOS into USDt. This is a flat rebate across all trades with no minimum or maximum and reduces taker fees to 0.1%.

This new rebate is in addition to the existing eosfinex Market Maker Rebate, where market makers benefit from zero fees on all trading pairs and get a 0.05% fee rebate for helping to provide liquidity to the exchange.

The USDt trading fee rebate promotion will run for 2 weeks, and rebates will be distributed in the form of USDt to eosfinex trading wallets at the end of the rebate period.

The eosfinex standard and promotional fee schedules and rebates offered are as follows:

USDt Rebate Table

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